Posted in ROCK by Mike Sacks on January 6, 2010

Justice Scalia thinks that

hearing modern hard rock with its “noise and ugliness” might constitute cruel and unusual punishment as envisioned in the Constitution.

Juris Rocktor begs to differ.  In fact, I believe Scalia once went so far as to quote Anthrax’sI Am The Law,” when ruling that the death penalty is “totally badass.”

Operation “Get Scalia to Judge this Spring’s DC Regional of the US Air Guitar Championship” is on.


UPDATE: now features an “I AM THE BLAWG” legal advice column brought to you by one Antonin Skullia, Esq.

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  2. Air SCOTUS! « FIRST ONE @ ONE FIRST said, on February 19, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    […] F1@1F may disagree with that bold question, but Juris Rocktor does not.  Calling Justice Scalia… […]

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