Supreme Court Side Walk

Posted in Non-justiciable by Mike Sacks on February 13, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I used to have two major blindspots: I was an English Major who never read Hamlet and a metal fan who never saw Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  I finally read Hamlet a few years ago, but not until tonight had I seen Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  Thank you, Hulu.

Now that I’ve seen HMPL–and I hope you now have, too–I am looking at my return to One First next week in a whole new light.  And, actual light permitting in this winter/spring’s wee hours, I will direct HPML‘s “sequel”: Supreme Court Side Walk.

I have my assumptions about which cases will bring the most raucous line-goers, but I will keep them to myself.  Regardless, I do dream that a few of these Priest fans, twenty-three years later, will show up in line looking all respectable-like.  To root them out, I may hook my iPod up to a set of speakers and play “Breaking the Law” or “Living After Midnight” for all the line to hear.  Those of the straight-laced who do not wince will all be suspect.  May I count on Antonin Skullia, Esq., to be my sidekick?

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