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Posted in Endorsements, Vox Populi by Mike Sacks on March 2, 2010

Adam Liptak of the NYT has scooped my McDonald vox populi column and I can’t thank him more for doing so. 

WASHINGTON — Mike Sacks likes to be the first person in line for big Supreme Court arguments, and he was feeling pretty confident when he arrived at the court Monday morning around 8, 26 hours before the court would hear a big gun-control case.

To all the readers directed to F1@1F from Mr. Liptak’s story, please enjoy your stay and be sure to subscribe!

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  1. Kelly said, on March 2, 2010 at 1:10 pm


    As a Chicagoan I am keenly interested in this case. Today’s Sun-Times profiles the plaintiff, Otis McDonald, who has been victimized several times at his Morgan Park home. I live on the other side of town from him, but robberies and personal attacks are up significantly in my neighborhood and will likely intensify, as the weather gets warmer.

    Please share your experience in the courtroom. The newspaper article said you have been to a number of oral arguments in landmark cases. Were you present for the arguments in the DC handgun case? If so, how were things the same or different? Based on your experience today, does it seem likely the justices will decide the same way or differently?

    Many here in Chicago would like the same freedoms available in other parts of the country.

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