Thank You, C-SPAN!

Posted in Justicespotting by Mike Sacks on March 16, 2010

C-Span has just released its full video archive.  Boy oh boy.

My very first memory of the Supreme Court was watching Justice Thurgood Marshall’s retirement press conference with my father in our family room.  I was almost nine years old at the time and had no idea who this man was, but understood that if my dad was watching him talk, then he must have had something important to say.

Nevertheless, all I saw was an old, ailing, ornery man talking about stuff I didn’t understand.  Frankly, I confused Marshall’s sense of humor and cursory “I Don’t Know’s” with something similar to my grandmother’s senility.

Since I started following the Court a few years ago, I’ve been searching for this video to straighten my memories out.  Well, here it is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Little Mike surely misunderstood what was going on.  Thank you, C-Span.
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