Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on March 31, 2010

Back home to snack, shower, and suit up.  A few quick thoughts on the Carichuri-Rosendo line:

  • It felt good to get back out in line for the first time since March 1.  Still, I needed my winter gear this morning even though I would have killed for this morning’s weather during my wintry waits.
  • I’ve moved my on-the-ground photos and commentary to my twitter feed.
  • No Vox Populi column coming out of this morning’s wait.  Almost exclusively lawyers, law students, aspiring law students out there.  Wonderful people, all, but not enough variation in “why are you here?” answers for a compelling story from line.
  • The line exploded just before 7am.  Up there with Citizens United and McDonald.  Peculiarly, not much chatter in the line about this morning’s cases, whereas for previous cases, long line or not, there was considerable buzz.

Time to go get ready.  I’ll be back later today with the link to my oral argument write-up at the ABA Journal.

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