I Curse You, Monsanto

Posted in Non-justiciable by Mike Sacks on April 27, 2010

Dear Monsanto v. Geertson Farms,

I knew you were bad news.

First you require me to do a campout despite your mid-major status.  Then, for all that waiting, you compel me to write up your oral argument despite its otherwise opaque, technical nature.  Now, as I am writing, you destroy my chances at going out on top this term:

"We're Waiting For You" - 2:56pm

The fact that I’m told “the guy in the picture likes what you’re doing so much he will relinquish the #1 ticket to you,” doesn’t soothe the pain you’ve caused me.  #1 deserves to be #1, even if I’d be out there already if it weren’t for you.

I curse you, Monsanto.  I curse you.


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