Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on April 27, 2010

Glaring the Rainclouds Away

Back home for a quick dose of warm.  A few thoughts on the Monsanto Company v. Geertson Seed Farms line:

  • Monsanto is this term’s lone environmental law case.  Last term, environmentalists went 0-5 at the Court.  This one’s looking like a loss for them as well.  The only question, really, is how badly they will lose.  The environmentally-friendly Justice Stevens, in his penultimate oral argument of his career, will likely be at least one vote in dissent.
  • Monsanto‘s a mid-major case with a blockbuster line start time.  If it weren’t for a handful of my GULC peers, I wouldn’t have had to get to the Court at 9:30 last night and suffer through an hourlong rainstorm to reclaim my throne after last week’s FAIL@1F.  But then again, I haven’t yet been subject to any elements other than the cold since starting this project, so rain on a warm-ish April night is better than on a frigid January morning.
  • The first non-GULCers showed up around 4:30am.  Must’ve been nice…
  • Nearly all law students in line, so no Vox Populi column for this case.
  • BUT keep an eye out towards the end of the week at for a video Vox Pop by journalist Beth Marlowe.

Shower, shave, suit, Court.

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