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Posted in F1@1F Friends by Mike Sacks on June 29, 2010

Ali Dierks, eighth in line and the first female at One First on Sunday night/Monday morning, has written up her experience on her blog, acd @ IUB:

At 1 am last night, I made the impulsive decision to go downtown and camp out on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court. Why camp out? To be sure I was one of the first in line, so I could get a number and be sure to get seated. It was a big day today, with some history-making business on the docket: Justice Stevens’s last day, the closing of the term, and two big cases – one on gun rights, the other about the Appointments Clause and executive authority more generally.

From the moment she arrived in line, Ali asserted herself as the sparkiest among us.  Characteristically, then, she gives a colorful recap of the evening and I encourage you all to read the rest here.

I concur with her discussion of General Lee Shelton, but must dissent from her impressions on some of those further back in line.  Overall, however, her rundown of the experience in entertaining and comprehensive.

I’ll be writing up my own thoughts and observations for the ABA Journal’s website soon.

UPDATE: My Usurper, Daniel Rice, also posted his own recap of the day.  Here’s his conclusion:

It’s hard to communicate the day’s excitement in a blog post driven by descriptions of events for the purpose of keeping friends and family apprised of my adventures, especially when the author has been awake for 35 hours, but I can’t emphasize enough that today was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. To have witnessed a Supreme Court term’s final sitting (including the incorporation of one of the first ten Amendments), the retirement of a giant in the history of American law, and the Day One of a constitutionally prescribed rite of passage that will likely initiate another long and storied judicial career–all in the same day–is just plain silly for its utter implausibility. This is one of those days I’ll never forget.

Read what led him to that conclusion here.

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