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Posted in Endorsements, Law and Politics by Mike Sacks on July 8, 2010

Over at Concurring Opinions, Brandon Bartels has posted an interview with me about F1@1F for the legal blog’s “Bright Ideas” series.  Here’s a sample:

What unique insights have your experiences over the past term given you about the Supreme Court and the justices?

Chief Justice Roberts is a superb political strategist.  He’s steering a right-of-center Court through a left-of-center government and knows which storms his ship can handle and which it cannot.  I wrote prospectively about this back in December, Jeff Rosen of The New Republic wrote about it in February, and Adam Liptak of the New York Times wrote about it just the other day.

What we’ve seen this year is the birth of John Roberts’ Court.  It will always, to a degree, remain the Anthony Kennedy Court as well, until he leaves the bench or one of the conservatives is replaced by a liberal.  But Roberts took control this year in the Court’s decisionmaking that we haven’t yet seen.  The next interesting thing to look out for is what issues beyond Miranda, guns, arbitration, and campaign finance the Chief believes are ripe for conservative gains as the Congress and the Presidency remain in Democratic hands.

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I should note that Prof. Bartels and I have a history.  We met in the Comstock line on January 12 around 5am.  He was third and I was still nursing my wounds from being second on my second morning on the project.

And then, for the very last day of oral arguments, two of his political science students at GW usurped me.  But I forgive the professor and his acolytes–they’re all very good people.

Check out Prof. Bartels’s scholarship on the Court and judicial politics over at his website.

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