First Morning @ One First: Initial Thoughts

Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on January 11, 2010

I arrived at the Court at 3:40am.  Four hours later, I am back home to unfreeze my toes, change out of my arctic hobo gear, shower, suit up, eat, and head back to the Court at 9am.

The Court hears two cases today: Alabama v. North Carolina at 10am and Briscoe v. Virginia at 11:30am.  I will be reporting on Briscoe, for which I gave a few initial thoughts here several days ago.

The first people in line after me arrived shortly before 6am.  By 7:30, there were about two dozen people waiting in the cold, clear morning.

The majority were going to the Court to go to the Court – many of these folk were undergraduate students on a January term in DC to have an immersive political experience before returning to their colleges for the spring semester.

In addition to the generally-interested linegoers, there were law students from Georgetown, Syracuse, Penn, and Columbia – all writing papers on Briscoe and/or its predecessor cases, Melendez-Diaz and Crawford.  More on these cases, as well as the vox populi, in my afternoon write-up.

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