F1@1F Blurbed in Column

Posted in Endorsements by Mike Sacks on September 1, 2010

F1@1F has made columnist Robert Ambrogi’s list of 15 new legal blogs that “prove the blawgosphere is alive and kicking”:

Call me late to the party. Although this is my first time writing about this blog, it has already been mentioned in The New York Times and the ABA Journal and on National Public Radio, to name but a few places. Georgetown 3L Mike Sacks started it in January with this introduction: “This semester, I have no morning classes. As such, I will be taking advantage of living only minutes from the Supreme Court to pursue a rather unorthodox extracurricular activity: reporting from the court as the first one in line at One First Street.” This he did — and did well. Now, the semester is over, but the blog continues.

Thank you, Robert; and yes, the blog does continue, even if at a slower pace for the moment.  But some big things are teed up for this coming term.  More later.

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