Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on January 13, 2010

Back home now.  Feeling is coming back to my toes.

  • Lawyers and law students dominated this morning’s line for American Needle Inc. v. NFL.
  • The line started building in the 4am hour, earlier than the lines on Monday and Tuesday.
  • I was surprised that there were not more lay linegoers today, given the publicity American Needle has received – especially from Drew Brees’s op/ed in the Washington Post last Sunday.
  • To my great benefit, an expert sports law practitioner sat second in line. ¬†As the clock struck 4am, he laid out three possible routes the Court may take in deciding American Needle, which I will outline in my afternoon write-up.

Be sure to come back later today for my argument recap and tonight for my Vox Populi column.

Time to suit up and get back to the Court!

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