With Our Powers Combined…

Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on March 1, 2010

Josh Blackman (FantasySCOTUS and and I are combining forces for total overnight domination.



Posted in Non-justiciable by Mike Sacks on March 1, 2010


We do!  You should come check out the scene tonight.  It’s going to be a party.  Maybe pizzas on Slate’s dime?

McDonald Week

Posted in Anticipation by Mike Sacks on March 1, 2010

Tomorrow morning, the Court hears McDonald v. City of Chicago, which asks whether the Second Amendment’s individual right to keep and bear arms is incorporated against the states through the Privileges or Immunities Clause or the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

In other words, the 2010 Court may exhume the PI Clause, which the 1873 Court in The Slaughter-House Cases buried five years after the Reconstruction Congress ratified the Fourteenth Amendment.  The Amendment’s Radical Republican framers, argues McDonald‘s lead counsel Alan Gura, intended for the PI Clause to protect American citizens’ fundamental rights both enumerated and unenumerated by the Constitution.

In still other words, McDonald is a huge case, not only for gun rights, but also, well, all rights–extinct, extant, or simply speculative.

As such, F1@1F will be going all-in with McDonald for the next few days.  All-in for a gun case, of course, requires more than most cases.  Much more.

It’s going to be crazy out there.  If I’m not first, at least I’ll get some great interviews with interesting people.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Keep an eye on F1@1F for photos and quick tweets.
  • By Tuesday night, I hope to have my oral argument report up at ABA Journal, followed on Wednesday by my vox populi column.
  • If I get enough people willing to go on camera, then I’ll have the first episode of Supreme Court Side Walk up here by Friday.
  • Until then, give the case’s SCOTUSWiki page a look, especially the most recent media links towards the bottom.

Come on by today or tonight if you’re in town, and bring me some pizza while you’re at it.  I’ll be the cold and hungry one without the gun.

…on second thought, bring enough pizza for everyone.


Supreme Court Side Walk

Posted in Non-justiciable by Mike Sacks on February 13, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I used to have two major blindspots: I was an English Major who never read Hamlet and a metal fan who never saw Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  I finally read Hamlet a few years ago, but not until tonight had I seen Heavy Metal Parking Lot.  Thank you, Hulu.

Now that I’ve seen HMPL–and I hope you now have, too–I am looking at my return to One First next week in a whole new light.  And, actual light permitting in this winter/spring’s wee hours, I will direct HPML‘s “sequel”: Supreme Court Side Walk.

I have my assumptions about which cases will bring the most raucous line-goers, but I will keep them to myself.  Regardless, I do dream that a few of these Priest fans, twenty-three years later, will show up in line looking all respectable-like.  To root them out, I may hook my iPod up to a set of speakers and play “Breaking the Law” or “Living After Midnight” for all the line to hear.  Those of the straight-laced who do not wince will all be suspect.  May I count on Antonin Skullia, Esq., to be my sidekick?

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